Your iPhone Isn’t Perfect Yet, But And More™ Can Help It Get There

We get it. You love your iPhone. Most of us do, in fact, so much so that we have a tough time putting it away. There’s so much that the iPhone is capable of doing, though, it’s easy to forget that it still has its limitations.

That’s where the And More™ from Carydean Enterprises, LLC comes in. It’s a lot more than just a phone case, even though at first glance it may not look like it. Think of it as the item you need to fill in your iPhone’s gaps, giving you an incredible device without having to pay a fortune for a premium model.

Solutions for the iPhone’s Biggest Complaints

Let’s cut to the chase. There are three major complaints the iPhone gets from its users: it has a low battery life, limited storage, and per Apple’s recent developments, no longer has an audio jack.

And More™ solves these issues, above and beyond expectations. Here’s how:

And More™ iPhone Solutions

Not an ordinary case

2x Extended Battery Life

Expandable – Unlimited Storage Capacity

Audio Jack for Wired Headphones

Best Selling Products

Free Shipping for USA Deliveries

Allow 4-6 Weeks for Delivery


iPhone case

And More™

And More

More Battery


More Audio Options

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